Sunday, June 15, 2008

We're Here to Help

As most of you probably know, parts of Iowa have been hit hard by floods. Some might even say devastated. As a native Iowan, it pains me to see the images coming out of that area.

Among those losing their homes--or who are in danger of losing them--are many pets. Once again we hear stories of people refusing to leave their homes because they are not sure whether pets will be allowed in shelters. Fortunately, some shelters heard the clarion call from the horrific situation surrounding hurricanes Katrina and Rita a few short years ago. But this means that shelters, many already filled to capacity, are finding their resources stretched to extremes.

Lily's Friends, a program of The Lily M. Foundation, Inc., will help. We will be making financial contributions to shelters in the area. In addition, I'm asking for an escalation in making and sending us Lily Pads, the much loved pet blankets we send to shelters and animal hospitals. If you can, please consider donating financially or by sending us Lily Pads. If you'd like to donate funds, you can now do so through PayPal. Just click the Donate button on the right. If you'd like to send Lily Pads, please send an e-mail to for the address.

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